How to Smoke the Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette

Already, the battery is partially pre-charged from factory and users can start off to enjoy their e-cig right from the box. You just need to take the battery and screw with the cartridge or cartomizer. Then you can simulate or take a puff like anyone who smokes a normal cigarette.

As you inhale from the cartomizer, a sensor is triggered on the battery where a green light is shown. You then get to enjoy a smooth warm vapor.

How to charge the Green Smoke Electronic Battery

With an electronic cigarette, there is need to ensure that the battery is always charged. Without the battery there is no way to use this cigarette. A new user needs to understand how to charge the battery so as to get the best.

You can charge the Green Smoke electronic cigarette battery in three ways:

• using the USB charger in a computer
• using the USB charger and car adapter in a car
• Using the USB charger and the wall adapter in a wall outlet.

Luckily, all of these charging accessories are provided in the starter kit.

V2 Cigs E-Liquid Review – Enjoy the taste of Vegetable Glycerin Based E Liquid

Most e-liquid available in most e-cig products come with either propylene glycol (PG), Vegetable glycerin (VG) or both. While PG is readily most natural with many manufacturers, it should be noted that VG has much more appeal to the user because of its qualities.

Yes, VG based e-liquids are known to be harmless unlike the PG which has been reported to cause some allergies and irritations to the user. But you have plenty of choice today. The main high quality brands are V2 Cigs, BluCigs and GreenSmoke. With the last brand you can get Green Smoke coupons with a substantial discount for the first time buyers.

If you are an e-cigarette user and want to know why it’s so important you choose Vegetable Glycerin based e-liquid in place Propyl Glycol then this article should give you quick insights.   It highlights the features of VG which can help you make good decisions.

  • Vegetable Glycerin based e-liquids are known to produce more vapor than propylene glycol based e-liquids. This is a strong selling point for most e-cigs. With more vapor, you get a chance of enjoying a heavier and lasting vapor.
  • Vegetable Glycerin based e-liquids taste better. If you have been used to taking propyl glycol based e-cigs, it would excite you to know that Vegetable Glycerin based e-cigs tastes better. The taste is so refreshing unlike the strong and sweet taste associated with PG.
  • Vegetable Glycerin based e-liquids does not cause irritation – With PG there are reports of irritations and allergic reactions. This is absent with VG based e-cigs. This is obviously a major attraction to VG which you would not want to do away with.
  • Vegetable Glycerin based e-liquids come with various flavors for improved tastes and options. Apart from the above, it’s still important to consider thickness and flavors that come with VG. These also help to enhance your taste with any brand. V2 Cigs offers variety of VG based flavors in the form of Clove, Cheesecake, Ameretto, Black Licorice, and Djarumn Black Clove. These are popular VG e-liquid flavors.

Conclusively, for the very obvious reasons, it becomes readily important take advantage of what the Vegetable Glycerin e-liquid of V2 Cigs would offer users. This is so very important to enjoy the best of electronic cigarettes. The above features of VG should readily help your decision making.